We help to set things right.

At Bialous Law we focus on a civil litigation trial practice to help our clients recover from being wrongfully harmed and to address the wrongdoing of others through our civil justice system. 

We do this by advocating for individuals, families, and local business owners to reinstate rights unfairly taken from them, to restore property or finances damaged or lost by another's negligence or refusal to honor an agreement, and to recover compensation for personal harms caused by another's neglect or misconduct. And in the end, holding accountable those who cause harm or loss because of their unsafe or irresponsible acts helps to set things right.


Bialous law's "listen. Explain. restore" approach helps individuals and business understand the law and know their rights when it comes to going to trial. Those who cause harm or loss because of their unsafe, irresponsible acts can be held accountable. We can show you how.


Visiting with people about their concerns throughout the claim process, identifying early their goals, and understanding what motivates them to engage in pursuing their legal rights.


Helping people understand the legal process, what results it can provide, and how we can best achieve the desired outcome.


Getting to work on the problem, engaging the best strategies and resources, and providing results tailored to each client’s wants and needs.

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