Practice Areas

Bialous Law’s founder, Todd Bialous, began his law practice defending claims against individuals, businesses, and political groups on behalf of corporate interests, governmental agencies, and insurance groups. 

In 2004, however, he refocused his practice with the goal of championing the rights of persons with limited access to the legal justice system. While he respects and promotes the right to representation of all parties, he feels most fulfilled by helping those with limited resources or opportunities to obtain justice. 

Todd enjoys a broad range of experience as a litigator. His specialties include the following practice areas. 

Medical Malpractice

A daunting challenge for any practitioner with limitations on recoverable damages, lengthy and cost-intensive litigation, and a statutory scheme full of traps for the unwary, medical malpractice claims represent a formidable practice area – and yet a practice area that has increased for Todd over the years to represent over half of all cases he handles. Perhaps not surprisingly, championing the rights of victims of malpractice has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of Todd’s professional career and a calling only surpassed by his roles as a husband and father of two daughters. Todd seeks to undertake the duty with a commitment to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards in dealing with all parties involved. After all, health care providers are professionals who serve our community, too. A practitioner must vow to diligently evaluate each claim and take the necessary steps to pursue or abandon it as warranted. The Firm brings significant resources and a network of qualified experts to perform that role to match the financial resources of health care provider defendants and their insurers. In the end, diligence and professionalism in prosecuting medical malpractice claims reduces non-meritorious claims and at the same time encourages improvement in the quality of health care – two goals that all patients and health care providers share.

Professional Negligence

Accountants, attorneys, directors and officers, and various other types of licensed professionals owe duties to those who place their trust and welfare in the hands of such professionals. When loss or harm results from a breach of those duties, a remedy may arise under law to compensate for the loss or harm suffered. If you have suffered loss or harm at the hands of a professional, explore your opportunity to make things right.

Defective and Dangerous Products

Products that unnecessarily pose a hazard to our children, our elderly, or our community on a larger scale require a system to protect against the threat of serious bodily injury or wrongful death. Where governmental regulations have proven inadequate, our civil justice system seeks to prevail in the promotion of safety among corporate actors. Whether due to improper manufacture, design, or inadequate warnings or instructions, unreasonably dangerous products have no place in our society. Accountability starts with individuals stepping forward to raise their concerns and to test the resolve of corporate business interests to make changes to promote safety over profits.

Unsafe Premises

Owners of property generally owe a duty to keep their premises free of attractive nuisances or unreasonably dangerous conditions. Failure to maintain a property responsibly can result in serious bodily injury and wrongful death, subjecting the owner and potentially any business operating on the property to a claim for compensatory damages in the form of payment of medical expenses, lost wages, or physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Insurance disputes and bad faith claims handling

After representing numerous foreign and domestic insurers in the first part of his practice and then taking on multiple foreign and domestic insurers on behalf of insureds both in courts in the United States and in international arbitration proceedings, Todd Bialous has experience on both single party domestic claims as well as multi-party international disputes. Katrina proved a battleground for claim coverage issues and ushered in new laws to aid policy holders. If you have an insurance dispute and need assistance with your claim, seek out the advice of a legal professional to better understand your rights.

Contract Breaches

People and businesses enter into contracts to secure mutual benefits and to provide certainty for future interactions. When a party breaks an agreement with another or fails to act as promised, that breaches not only the contract but the trust established between the parties. Beyond the breach of trust and the moral obligation to keep our word as our bond, the harms and losses caused by breaking a promise in a contract can be grave and devastating. Our legal system is designed to allow a way to recover from the breaching party for those harms caused and to restore the losses suffered. The Firm seeks to provide opportunities for recovery and restoration to those in need through prosecuting breach of contract claims.

Employer/Employee Disputes

Employers and their employees respectively enjoy special rights as well as owe one another specific obligations. Workers should enjoy earning a wage in an environment free of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and unreasonable employment decisions while receiving promised benefits. Employers deserve to enjoy the fruits of their workers’ labors and to receive compensation from loss or harm caused by breach of contract, defamation, interference with contract rights, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Employers and employees alike have the right to associate private counsel to advise them of their rights, including the enforceability of confidentiality and noncompetition agreements.

Commercial trucking, recreational vehicle, and personal motor vehicle collisions

Collisions on our highways and roads occur every day. They have the potential to cause severe and permanent harm. Oftentimes, these catastrophic events could have been avoided if the people or companies involved employed proper safety measures or paid attention to driving responsibly. For the first five years of his practice, Todd represented trucking companies and their insurers as well as private automobile insurers, defending them in cases of serious injury and death. That experience allowed him to develop strong relationships with highly credentialed engineers and accident reconstructionists, indispensable resources in litigating trucking cases. Since refocusing his practice to represent individuals harmed in serious commercial trucking, recreational vehicle, and personal automobile collisions, he has utilized his relationships with top-notch experts and his knowledge base of federal and state transportation rules and regulations as well as his experience with general transportation company policies and procedures to promote safety through just results for clients.

Other forms of catastrophic injury or loss due to fault or neglect

When companies or people irresponsibly cause harm that could have been avoided with reasonable care, justice requires that they be held accountable by compensating those harmed. Our founding fathers designed our civil justice system to do exactly that: provide recourse to those who have unjustly suffered at the hands of a careless or irresponsible actor. No matter what the harm caused, if caused unnecessarily, the law tries to provide a means to correct that injustice. If a person, family, or company has suffered that kind of harm, a consult with an experienced attorney can help explain the available options. Whether someone wants to hold the offending party accountable, promote safety in our community, or recover for specific harms and losses incurred, an attorney can describe the process and the likelihood of effecting the desired change. When handled professionally and competently, any case can accomplish any one or more of these goals – and any person can be an agent of change.